Nevada Marijuana Laws – What You Need To Know

Las Vegas Nevada Marijuana Laws

A Tourists Guide To Buying Recreational Marijuana in Las Vegas NV.

Recreational marijuana was voted by the public in the election of 2016 thus legalizing recreational marijuana as of January 1st 2017.

Fact: Recreational Marijuana Sales began July 1st 2017

Who Can Buy Marijuana in Las Vegas? Anyone who has a valid state issued ID or passport can purchase cannabis and cannabis products in Las Vegas at a licensed cannabis dispensary.

How Much Marijuana or Cannabis Concentrates can be purchased?  Nevada law states that you can have and purchase up to one ounce of marijuana flower or 1/8 Ounce of Cannabis Concentrates such as wax and vapor pens with THC wax and oils.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana in Las Vegas?  You can purchase recreational marijuana or medical marijuana at dispensaries that are licensed by the State of Nevada and Clark County NV ie.. Las Vegas.

Where Are The Marijuana Dispensaries located?  In Las Vegas there are currently about 44 state licensed marijuana retail sales stores.

Are There Marijuana Stores on or near the Las Vegas Strip?   Yes, there are some retail marijuana stores that are actually located on the Las Vegas Strip directly.  The others are located pretty near to the strip dispensaries.

What if someone offers cannabis products for free or for a donation on the streets?   In Las Vegas, Free Weed Vouchers such as the ones on are the only way you can get free weed from licensed marijuana retailers.

Can I Smoke Cannabis in My Hotel Room?  Absolutely not!,  Most hotels with Casinos will not allow you to smoke weed in your room.   .. might can get away with a late night balcony vape 😉

Can I consume weed or vape or eat edible cannabis products such as brownies on the Las Vegas strip?  No, Clark county and the state of Nevada laws state that you can only consume cannabis in your private home.

Can I smoke in my Rental Car?   We do not advise it as the rental companies may charge you for a cleaning service and Clark county and Nevada laws states that you cannot consume marijuana in a moving vehicle.